IHM GWALIOR : Institute of Hotel Management Gwalior

Front Office
Front office is one of the core departments. It acts as the backbone of the hotel as it generates 50% income/ revenue from room sales. It is one of the department which directly interacts with the guest before (reservation) and during or after (reception) their arrival in the hotel. The staffs in front office not only interact with guest but also handle the transaction between the guest and the hotel. The staffs in this department receive the guest, handle their request and complaint if any and strike the first impression about the hotel into their minds.

Therefore, good communication and personality are required in this department. The front office department also includes the following sub-departments:

Good front office personnel must know how to work on computers. Due to the same reason, IHM Gwalior has a dedicated Front Office lab for the students to learn the latest version of IDS software. Faculties assist the students to learn the software during the scheduled semester. Skills such as complaint handling, communication, hospitality service and guest satisfaction are also part of the front office curriculum.
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