IHM GWALIOR : Institute of Hotel Management Gwalior

Bakery and confectionery

Bakery and confectionery

This department is responsible for making all bread products pastry products, cakes and biscuits that are commonly used in hotels. as the bakery department has two sections hot and cold we teach both sections to our students. .In confectionery, students learn about cold and frozen desserts,whereas in bakery the students are exposed to all baked products like breads, cookies, pizzas etchm Gwalior has two bakeries.

Bakery I is a basic training bakery for 1st-year students where students go through basic preparation of bread making, cookies, cake, and icing, marzipan, student also learn to work with modern equipment bakery.

Bakery II– it is an advanced training bakery for 3rd-year students where students learn to prepare advanced bakery products and work with advanced technology used in.

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