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Food Production Lab

Basic Training Kitchen
BTK is a Basic Training Kitchen as the name itself indicates that this kitchen is for beginners or first-year students. This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of kitchen (food production) in the hospitality industry. Students will be able to understand, organize, and perform the various functions that are critical to the success of a hotel. They are trained in the preparation of different kinds of food with presentation, along with technical knowledge and competencies with the proper mindset. The freshers are given in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge and are exposed to the working conditions of a kitchen for the first time and learn the basic concepts here. In the BTK the 1st year students learn the basic culinary art and gear up for further challenges, which they have to face in the hospitality field. They learned about different basic continental and Indian cuisines which are practiced. We strengthen the student’s knowledge in the utmost way. As food is a part of our life not only the learning of methods will be better but it will lead the student to fit into a professional way. After completion of the course, they will get lots of opportunities in different sectors such as hotels, cruises, hospitals, Airlines, etc. This course will enable a student in preparing varieties of foods. The learning will also help them in personal grooming and skill development. It imparts the basic knowledge about cookery. It equips the students with the basic skill of menu planning in quality cooking. It teaches about the principles of basic continental cookery of different continents.

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Advance Training Kitchen

ATK stands for Advance Training Kitchen meant for final year students. It is used for teaching and training of International Cuisines to students such as French, Oriental, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Germany, Spain, Greece, Mexican, Mediterranean etc. The students are trained in right cooking technique, portion control, platter presentation, garnishing and the menu compilation. The skill and knowledge are improved through the practical classes.

Quantity Training Kitchen

QTK is known as Quantity Training Kitchen. This is the largest kitchen of this institute, is meant for the second year degree students for cooking practical. The QTK prepares and modules the students to face the challenges of cooking for large groups and catering the wide variety of people representing different culinary zones of India. No doubts this kitchen produces meals for hundreds to thousand at one go due to its state of the art infrastructure. It is newly renovated and equipped with all modern kitchen gadgets.

Diploma Training Kitchen

IHM Gwalior has specialized kitchen for Diploma student with capacity of 40 students at time. Kitchen is equipped with fixed and movable kitchen equipment along with Gas ranges and tandoor facility and other essential kitchen equipment for diploma student which make works easy. Here Diploma student learn basic of Indian cuisine under guidance of specialized faculty and supporting staff.

The Institute gives individual attention to the students while conducting practical with necessary arrangements. Here they can learn about the preparation of basic masalas & gravies, sauces, stocks, soups and their accompaniment, salads and garnishes with proper presentation. To acquaint the students with fundamentals of food-production, enabling the student to learn the basic process of cooking, mastering the subject of the ingredients used and their importance – Methods of cooking and related terminology etc.

Tourism is the second fastest growing industry in India, after e-commerce. India with its rich heritage, culture & natural resources is an ideal tourist locale. So the growth in tourism is directly related to growth in the Hotel Industry. Hotel Industry requires trained hotel professionals which comes through the different hotel management colleges. We are developing competent hotel professionals to occupy various positions in the hotel industry. IHM Gwalior believes in excellence. It has constantly strived to provide the best of the training to the students through the well qualified competent team of faculties.

After passing this course, food Production graduates are assigned as Kitchen Management Trainee(KMT) or Management Trainee(MT) level. The practical skills make the students in developing confidence and handling all the kitchen related jobs in a proper manner. The college is providing the quality teaching to the students with well qualified faculties. Occasional theme lunch, cold buffet and salad carvings are being practised here from time to time.

This kitchen deals with all the Indian regional dishes as per curriculum of National council. Every day a set of regional dishes are prepared by the students under the supervision and guidance of the senior faculty and technically qualified assistants. A day’s menu consists of appetizer, rice preparation, Indian bread along with accompaniments, and sweet dishes too. Emphasis is given to the development of trainee students including leadership grooming, team management, physical fitness, hygiene, food presentation, portioning control & garnishing etc. Theme food preparation as well as the various food festival presentations is done in this kitchen. At the end of the routine preparation, all foods are served in a buffet to all the students. Tandoor and bulk cooking is given importance in this kitchen.
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